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Kenny Benge preached a sermon entitled “A Revolution of the Heart” for The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost on June 20, 2015. The Gospel, if it is taking root in our lives, effects a revolution in our hearts and minds, and completely changes the way we see the people and the world around us.


The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

Job 38:1-11,16-18

Psalm 107:1-32

2 Corinthians 5:14-21
Mark 4:35-41

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Our bishop and former Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America, the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan preached a sermon entitled “Agents in God’s Kingdom” for The Third Sunday After Pentecost on June 14, 2015. We were honored by our bishop’s visit and celebrated a number of Confirmations.


The Third Sunday After Pentecost

Ezekiel 31:1-6,10-14

Psalm 92

2 Corinthians 5:1-10
Mark 4:26-34

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Kenny Benge preached a sermon entitled “Do Not Be Afraid” for The Second Sunday After Pentecost on June 7, 2015. The path out of fear is not power but trust, not strength but vulnerability before God. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose sight of this in a society that is confused about the goods we should seek and, at the same time, willing to exploit our fears and anxieties to sell us consumer products, to enlist in the latest program to improve ourselves, or to guarantee our kids will turn out alright.


The Second Sunday After Pentecost

Genesis 3:8-21

2 Corinthians 4:13-18

Mark 3:20-35
Psalm 130

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Kenny Benge preached a sermon entitled “Reality Is Relational” for Trinity Sunday on May 31, 2015. God in Himself is a community of being--we are invited into a relational, participatory reality. Developing a rich, scriptural understanding of the Trinity is of central importance to the way we live in our everyday, ordinary lives with God as we live out his call for us in the places he has put us. Jesus is God’s Relational Blueprint for redeeming and restoring his relational connection with us and the whole of Creation.


Trinity Sunday

Psalm 93

Exodus 3:1-6

Romans 8:12-17
John 3:1-16

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