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Kenny Benge preached a sermon entitled “The Good Shepherd” based on John 10:7-18 for the Fourth Sunday of Easter on April 21, 2012. This week, I combined some instruction in things Anglican with the sermon, and used the collect of the day to structure my sermon on John 10:

Almighty and everlasting God, whose Son Jesus is the good shepherd of your people; Grant that when we hear his voice we may know him who calls us each by name, and follow where he leads; who, with you and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Jesus, our Good Shepherd, comes to us where we are, and He brings us the life we hunger for.

The Collects are essential elements in the flow of the liturgy, and one of my favorite parts of the Anglican liturgy.  The Collects, which in our worship at St. John’s we pray following our opening songs of worship, help “gather” or “collect” the prayers of the community at the beginning of worship. To read more about them, see my blog here.

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Kenny Benge preached a sermon entitled “Light and Life” based on 1 John 1:1-2:2 for the Third Sunday of Easter on April 21, 2012. The Word through whom all things were created is now the Word who, through the power of His death and resurrection, all things are being recreated, being made new. This new life is secured for us by Christ's finished work, but to experience this light and life we have to be honest about sin, honest about its presence and depth, both as individuals and as a community.

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Danny Bryant preached a sermon entitled “Re-Storied Imaginations” based on John 20:19-31 on April 14, 2012. The resurrection is the beginning of the New Creation, creating a context for grace and beauty.

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Kenny Benge preached a sermon entitled “God's New World” based on 1 Corinthians 15 for Easter Sunday on April 8, 2012. For Paul, the resurrection is the lynch pin, the center of God’s plan to redeem, renew and restore all that He has created.

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Kenny Benge preached a sermon entitled “Imitating Jesus” based on Philippians 2:5-11 for the Palm Sunday on March 31, 2012.

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