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Michael McGhee preached a sermon entitled “Chocolat” for The First Sunday in Lent on February 22, 2015. Lent is an invitation to examination through prayer in fasting. Most often these practices led us to a place of lament. Ellen Davis has this to say about the nature of lament, “When you lament in good faith, opening yourself to God honestly and fully— no matter what you have to say— then you are beginning to clear the way for praise. You are straining toward the time when God will turn your tears into laughter. When you lament, you are asking God to create the conditions in which it will become possible for you to offer praise —conditions, it turns out, that are mainly within your own heart.




The First Sunday in Lent 

Genesis 9:8-17

Psalm 25:1-9 

Peter 3:18-22

Mark 1:9-15


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